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Mudhole Smith Airport (CDV)


Cordova, United States

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Elevation: 54ft

UTC: -9 Hours

The city of Cordova, Alaska is located 11 nautical miles (13 mi, 20 km) southeast of the Merle K. (Mudhole) Smith Airport (CDV). It is a small fishing town located on the eastern coast of Prince William Sound, surrounded by stunning mountain ranges and glaciers. The city is a popular destination for its picturesque views, fishing, and other outdoor activities. It has a population of 2,200 and is known for its small-town charm. Cordova is also home to many cultural attractions, including the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the annual Copper River Wild Salmon Festival. The city is served by the Cordova Municipal Airport, which offers flights to and from Anchorage and other locations in Alaska.

Airport Directions

The best way to get to Merle K. (Mudhole) Smith Airport (CDV) is by car. Driving from Anchorage to Cordova, where the airport is located, will take approximately 4.5 hours. The cost of gas will depend on the vehicle and current fuel prices. Taking a bus to Mudhole Smith Airport (CDV) is also an option, although it can be quite expensive. The Alaska Marine Highway System offers a ferry service from Anchorage to Cordova which will take approximately 10 hours and cost approximately $120. Unfortunately, there is no train service to Mudhole Smith Airport (CDV). The most convenient option for getting to Mudhole Smith Airport (CDV) is to take a taxi.

Airport Terminals & Airlines

The Mudhole Smith Airport (CDV) has one terminal, Terminal 1. The following airlines operate out of Terminal 1: Alaska Airlines, PenAir, Ravn Alaska, and Wright Air Service.

Airport Address

To get to Mudhole Smith Airport (CDV) by car, you can take the Alaska Highway from Anchorage to Cordova. The drive should take about 3-4 hours and cost around $100 in gas. Public transportation is also available from Anchorage to Cordova. The Alaska Marine Highway System offers ferry services to Cordova from Whittier, which is a two-hour drive from Anchorage. The ferry ride cost around $90 per person and takes around 12 hours. You can also take the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Cordova, which takes around 8 hours and costs around $110 per person. Taxi services are available in Cordova, and the cost of a taxi ride from the city center to the airport is around $25. Public transportation from Cordova to the airport is limited, but there is a public bus route that connects the airport and the city center. The bus fare is around $4.

Airport Lost & Found

The Lost and Found for the Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport (CDV) is located at the airport terminal and is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm daily. The telephone number is 907-424-3202. The address is Box 598, Cordova, AK 99574.

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