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Anadyr Airport (DYR)


Anadyr, Russia

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Elevation: 194ft

UTC: +12 Hours

Anadyr is a port city located in the far eastern Russian region of Chukotka. It is the administrative center of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, and is the easternmost city in Russia. Anadyr is located on the banks of the Anadyr River, and is situated on an inlet of the Bering Sea. It has a population of around 16,000 people, and is the main transport hub in the region, with the Anadyr Airport (DYR) located nearby. The city is known for its beautiful scenery, with mountains, rivers and forests in the surrounding area. Anadyr is also home to a number of historical and cultural attractions, including the Anadyr Museum of Local Lore and the Monument to the Heroes of Chukotka.

Airport Directions

The best way to get to Anadyr Airport (DYR) is by car. The approximate driving time from Anadyr to the airport is one hour and thirty minutes. The approximate cost of a one-way ticket for a car is about 250 rubles. Bus is another option for getting to Anadyr Airport (DYR). There is a bus service to the airport that departs from Anadyr Bus Station and takes approximately two hours. The cost of a one-way ticket is around 200 rubles. Train is not an option for getting to Anadyr Airport (DYR). Taxis can be taken from Anadyr to the airport, and the cost of a one-way trip is around 1,000 rubles. The approximate journey time is one hour and fifteen minutes.

Airport Terminals & Airlines

The Anadyr Airport (DYR) has six terminals: four international terminals (one under construction), one domestic terminal, and one private aviation terminal. The following is a list of airlines that service each terminal: International Terminals:Terminal 1 ??? Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Yakutia Airlines, NordStar, Ural AirlinesTerminal 2 ??? AirBridgeCargo, Nordwind Airlines, Ural AirlinesTerminal 3 ??? AirBridgeCargo, Nord

Airport Address

The address for Anadyr Airport (DYR) is: Ulitsa Krasnaya, Anadyr, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia, 689000. The telephone number is +7 4242 42-37-97, and the email address is The opening hours are from 08:00-20:00 local time.

Airport Lost & Found

The lost and found desk at Anadyr Airport (DYR) can be found in Terminal 1, Level 1. The telephone number is +7 (415-2) 222-621, and the opening hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM local time.

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